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The podcast analysing and tearing down Hedwig & The Angry Inch chapter-by-chapter!

Recommended Playlist

Aug 13, 2019

Want to follow an ever-evolving playlist of not only the songs from Hedwig but also the songs mentioned and recommended during the show? Say no more! Here is a constantly updating list of all of the songs selected, recommended and talked about on the podcast episodes!

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Selected tracks:

1) Holidays in the Sun - Sex Pistols (Selected by Jonfen)

2) Sex Changes - The Dresden Dolls (Selected by Conway)

3) Tear Me Down - Hedwig & The Angry Inch (Chapter One)

4) Get it On - T. Rex (Selected by Odessa Lil)

5) Tear Me Down - Meatloaf (Selected by Mimi Imfurst)

6) Heroes - David Bowie (Selected by Jonfen)

7) Tossin' and Turnin' - Bobby Lewis (Selected by Jonfen)

8) Wheels (Vier Schimmel, ein Wagen) - Billy Vaughn - (Selected by Jonfen)

9) Random Number Generation - Hedwig & The Angry Inch (Chapter Two)

10) Rise Up - Ralph

11) Soul Kitchen - X

12) Coma White - Marilyn Manson

13) Da da da, ich lieb' dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha - Trio

14) Django Jane - Janelle Monáe (Selected by Heidi Bennett)

15) Open Letter - Pharrah Phosphate (Selected by Adam Schreiner)

16) Max's Kansas City - Wayne Country & The Electric Chairs (Selected by Jonfen)

17) Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey - The Beatles (Selected by Jonfen)

18) Sweet Transvestite - Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

19) Theme from Only Fools and Horses - John Sullivan

20) Вершки и корешки - Гражданская оборона (Selected by Jonfen)

21) Dada in Berlin - Die Skeptiker (Selected by Jonfen)

22) A Night on the Town - The Dear Hunter (Selected by Alyson Grimm)

23) Highwomen - The Highwomen (Selected by Omar Najam)

24) Iggy Pop - The Passenger (Selected by Jonfen)

25) Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Passenger

26) Iggy Pop - Lust for Life

27) Grateful Dead - Scarlet Begonias (Selected by Sean German)

28) Chor der Arbeiterfestspiele - Thälmann Lied (Selected by Jonfen)