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The podcast analysing and tearing down the walls surrounding Hedwig & The Angry Inch chapter-by-chapter!

Aug 15, 2023

We're back in the van once again and heading out to our next gig. This time it's to discuss the deleted scene of Yitzhak preparing for his upcoming RENT audition - he's got this in the bag, surely - our man IS Angel! Today for you, tomorrow for Yitzhak.

Phyllis accidentally finds herself witnessing more than she...

Aug 15, 2023

The tour hits the road once more as Yitzhak: Origins (the epic prequel movie, of course) enters production! Kind of. Come with us on a journey to Croatia and enjoy the delightful sunflowers with Ms Krystal Nacht and her vocal stylings. Hedwig who?

Backing up our host in the band this time is none other than...