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The podcast analysing and tearing down the walls surrounding Hedwig & The Angry Inch chapter-by-chapter!

Sep 20, 2019

Whether you like it or not, we're back with Chapter 1!

The movie starts with a BANG as Hedwig and co hit the stage and tear the audience of this unassuming seafood restaurant to pieces! Gender, capitalism, history... it's all fair game for these Eastern Bloc Rockers!

Joining us to smash it all up are drag superstar Mimi Imfurst and burlesque artist extraordinaire Odessa Lil!

The next episode will be 'Chapter 2: Yitzhak'.

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Today's intro and outro music was a cover of 'Tear Me Down' by Egads! Theater.

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Mimi Imfurst

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Odessa Lil

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Hedwig: Inch by Angry Inch