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The podcast analysing and tearing down the walls surrounding Hedwig & The Angry Inch chapter-by-chapter!

Jan 27, 2020

Whether you like it or not, we're back with Chapter 6!

Today we travel through time as we visit a wonderful past... full of singing, dancing and Stalin. What more does a growing boy need?

We'll also take a trip the the glory of the Menses Fair, hang out with the goths and spend time in the oven! To top it all off? SOME BOOTAY! We got it all here, folks!

Guess who's back in the house? We've got the one and only Conway returning to the show! This Bitch is Hungry for Hedwig, baby. Also tomatoes.

The next episode will be 'Chapter 7: Luther'.

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Today's intro and outro music was a cover of 'Random Number Generation' by Egads! Theatre.

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Conway - Instagram


Hedwig: Inch by Angry Inch